Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Quick update from Marinda!

My gosh! I can't believe we have neglected our dear blog for a good seven months! Which also goes to show how time really flies!

I guess we were both just little miss perfectionists and felt like everything had to be perfect before we can publish a post and it made updating our blog seem more like a chore and we seriously dragged our feet. But it shouldn't be like that! It should be fun, and random even (like this post), as long as it genuinely captures the essence of our lives, our thoughts, whatever we feel like conveying to the world and hopefully - interesting enough for our readers to read. And even if it isn't, who cares! Okay, maybe we do.. just a bit!

So from here on out, both Marinda AND Leigh are committed to update our blog on a regular basis! So hope y'all tune in ;-)

We have some exciting announcements coming up soon regarding our new direction of our businesses and what's coming up for us in the next couple months!

Ok that's it for now! Since there's no real relevant photo for this random post, I will just post a photo of this adorable kitten which represents my expression of how sorry I am that we have neglected to update this blog for so long =P


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