Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Life Changing Year; 2014

I honestly find it close to impossible to sum up everything that has happened in the past 365 days. This year has definitely been the most fulfilling, action packed year of my life to date but most importantly, it's the year where I have matured the most and I have really expanded and stretched myself both mentally and spiritually.

My best friend and business partner, also known as my partner in crime, Leigh and I started the year out on a quest to reach financial freedom and to live a life we have been dreaming of for more than a decade! We had no road map to success, we knew what we wanted but we had no idea how to get there. We really just winged it and went with the flow of things. I call this year the apprentice year of our entrepreneurship.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

What does living an inspired life look like to you?

We are all unique individuals therefore, our picture of an inspired, fulfilled and happy life is also unique to us.

To some it may look like living a relaxed life by the beach, sipping cocktails and enjoying fresh fruits while watching the sunset everyday. Or living in the snowy alps, skiing and snowboarding and enjoying a hot coco by the fireplace. Or in a cosy apartment in a busy city, coming home to your family.

Whatever it is, I believe everyone should have a clear picture of what that is and therefore they can actively ..

Instead of being trapped



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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pure Glow Cleanse - sponsored review

Are you ready to get your glow on? On Monday, I did a cleanse called Pure Glow Cleanse which was started by two lovely ladies from Perth. They use the best quality produce and equipment to produce amazing detox juice cleanses to give you great health, energy and glowing skin!

I was really excited to try the 1 day cleanse sponsored by the lovely ladies for review. Pure Glow Cleanse takes the guesswork out of detoxing so that you can get on with your amazing life. Their passion is making detox juice blends that not only gently remove impurities from your body but that also taste delicious (really!) and give you a noticeable glow both inside and out.

I really loved the adorable straws and packaging the juices came in! Each juice has a really cute name - Sunrise Elixir, Glowing Greens, Green Guru, Good Karma, Buddha Juice and Chai Vanilla Dream.

What I really love about Pure Glow Cleanse is their passion to help people become more health aware, live their best life and to nourish our bodies with healthy nutrients from these juices!

That really aligns with our values here at Marinda Leigh as we are just as passionate about wellness and living an inspiring and fulfilling life!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Catwalk for a Cause

On Saturday, Marinda Leigh was invited to participate in Rotary of Perth Evenings' Catwalk for a Cause 2014 Masquerade, supporting our talented local designer, VILLAMAR COUTURE. The springtime evening of charity was proudly sponsored by the City of Perth and proceeds went to Angelman Syndrome Association of WA, Esther House Foundation and Global Hands Charity.

It was a glamorous cocktail evening featuring a sophisticated showcase of established and emerging local Perth designers, sensational vocals and dance by Nylon and Principal Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts and more. Be prepared for a very photo rich post!

Invited by VILLAMAR COURTURE, we spent the night with models from Fifi's Model Academy, designer Nita Villamar and director of The Dating Boutique, Zalihe Maynard, munching on the delicious canapes that made their rounds through Perth Town Hall. I must admit, I had a few more than I really should have had. But they were so hard to resist.


Pre-show with some of the beautiful models.

The models were absolutely gorgeous and the nicest girls you could meet! They really changed my view of models being snobby and pretentious. You really realise that everyone is a person and not just a "model" or a "designer". 

The night started with VILLAMAR COURTURE opening the show with her handmade gowns that absolutely wowed everyone in the room. The models all had their special something to bring to the catwalk and VILLAMAR'S gowns took the event to an international level. It was a fantastic sight to see Nita proudly watch as her dresses were walked down the catwalk with Fifi's fierce girls.

Hair and Makeup done by the team at Chantelle & Co. Check out their website for some really exciting information and weight management and skin care, specifically ageLOC, an anti-aging system to turn back the hands of your skin clock! 

VILLAMAR COUTURE is a sexy, sophisticated women's label that is comprised of casual, cocktail and couture. Each piece are strikingly unique. Find them on Facebook here!

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