Friday, 13 June 2014

Indian Takeaway from Menulog

Correct me if I'm wrong, but ordering takeaway and getting it delivered doesn't seem a big a thing in Perth as it is in other cities. I used to think how great it would be if Perth were like the big cities on TV... Obviously I watch too many shows. London has a great system called Deliverance (I know this because I love reading The Londoner and she blogged about it here) and I used to lament over the fact that we have nothing like that here. But the food culture in Perth is definitely growing and we definitely have better access to good food in recent years.

If you're a regular on Marinda Leigh, you'll know that food is definitely one of our favourite topics. Food and lifestyle. So imagine how eager I was when we were approached by to partner up with them and write a review on Menulog is– No.1 for Online Takeaway so it's food and lifestyle combined! Having someone else cook for me and having it delivered to my front door is a dream come true!

In these days of technology, everything is easy now. You don't have to have cash on you, you can just chuck in your credit card details et voila! food is paid for, getting made for you and delivered to your doorstep. The lazy in me is overjoyed. I could potentially be the biggest slob for the rest of my life when it comes to food.

So, Indian being a great favourite of ours, was our number one choice! We ordered from Red Rose Indian and Pizza through Menulog. It was a super easy process with everything laid out neatly and your total price always shown at the bottom.