Wednesday, 22 January 2014

South Perth Photoshoot

Happy 2014, everyone! We've had a great year so far at Marinda Leigh! So much has happened in a short span of 21 days that New Year's eve feels like such a long time ago!

There's been something of a heatwave in Perth this week but now that both Marinda and I are no longer working in the corporate scene, it doesn't affect us too badly. There's no commute to and from work in the sweltering heat and we can dress as casually and comfortably as we want! In fact, we've really been enjoying the heat. Just yesterday, we took the dogs out to South Perth and had a lovely lunch at La Patisserie whilst practicing our French.

Last Thursday, we also spent the day at South Perth, not for cake, coffee and chats but this time, for a photo shoot with the most talented Jeffrey Ong from Jeffrey's Photography. We recently approached Jeffrey to start working with us for our Public Relations business and the relationship with him has blossomed since then.

We found Jeffrey through his work for a mutual friend who recently opened up a restaurant and as soon as we saw those amazing pictures, we decided that he was the one we wanted to work with. To our relief, he's not only talented but sweet, friendly and easy to work with. And he's a total romantic, which you can tell through his beautiful wedding photos.

We spent the whole of Thursday laughing, chatting and really getting to know each other and what started out as a business relationship, has now grown into friendship and mutual respect.

And here are the amazing photos from the day's shoot!


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