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Marinda Leigh's Top Tens that a Woman should never Skimp On

Every girl is taught the dos and don'ts of womanhood from the early onset of puberty. Rules that our mothers taught us to adhere by lest we lose our virtue as women. We all know what I'm talking about. But no one ever taught me about the things I should and shouldn't spend good money on. Everything I know today came through trial and error.

As I sat in my car on the way to work, a discussion came on about Things we shouldn't skimp on which got me to thinking about the things I, as a woman, wouldn't skimp on. This post is inspired by 6PR's Breakfast with Steve Mills featuring Andrea Burns.

Marinda Leigh's Top Tens that a Woman should never Skimp on

There are some things in life that a woman should just never skimp on. We at Marinda Leigh have learned this the hard way through trial and error over the years. After a night of deliberation and discussion, we came up with a list of the Top Ten (in no particular order) that a woman shouldn't skimp on.

1) Skin Care
A woman's vanity is her face and you want to treat your skin with the utmost care. I believe it definitely pays to spend a bit more on skin care products and in the long run, especially when age takes its toll, you'll probably find yourself spending less money on anti-aging and other beauty treatments.

2) Make-up
No one wants to have premature lines and wrinkles and by using good quality products especially your eye make up, base/primers and foundations (the initial layer) you have less potential to damage your eyes and skin with badly made products. You want to treat your sensitive skin and eyes with the utmost care and good quality products.

3) Shoes
You can buy cheap shoes everywhere. Cute, cheap and bad for your feet. With Perth being so close to Asia, we had very easy access to some $10 to $20 cheap shoes. You can buy them online, in Asia and stores everywhere! The only problem? They are so bad for your feet. You'll end up with cracked heels, sore arches, the balls of your feet are constantly in pain and your feet probably won't be the prettiest things out there come summer. And chances are, the shoes will fall apart soon anyway. This is why Marinda Leigh recommends getting some good quality shoes. Mind you, good quality doesn't mean expensive. Sure, you'll have to spend slightly more but you can get some really good buys that aren't horrible to your feet and your wallet. It's worth having a look around.

4) Hosiery
A staple item in the colder months of any location. Through experience, I've found that it pays to pay a bit more for good quality, thick stockings (I believe the correct term is pantyhose but we generally call them stockings here). Cheap stockings just do not last. They stretch quickly and ladders form easily in them as opposed to the slightly more expensive ones. I find that I'm constantly buying new stockings when I buy the cheap ones but when I spend a bit more money, they tend to last so much longer! I've probably spent more money replacing bad quality ones than if I had just bought good ones to begin with.
5) Bra
A good bra is all about good support and comfort. A bra can affect your posture, the way your clothes look and how you feel. It doesn't have to be something that's sexy or super cute (although that always makes me feel good) but a well fitting bra supports and lifts the breast which reduces sagging and so much more. You don't want a bra that causes chafing or irritation either.

Marinda Leigh's advice for the day? Get a bra fitting as soon as you can, if you haven't already!

6) Sports Bra
Which brings me to my next top 10 item! A sports bra! Never, ever, ever skimp on a sports bra! If you're doing physical activity, especially intensive, you need a sports bra that reduces bouncing which can lead to permanent breast damage. It's undeniable that a woman's breasts will sag over time, such is the way of life, but exercising without a sports bra can stretch the breast tissue even more!

7) Hair care
I have searched high and low in Perth to find a good hairdresser. I've been to bad ones, OK ones and I've been to good ones. The bad ones have left some scars on me and ruined my hair but last year, I finally found a hairdresser that can give me a good cut and listen to what I have to say about how I want my hair. Afterall, I know my own hair best. So now that I've found the perfect hairdresser, I go to him every 4-6 weeks to get a trim and treatment. I don't mind paying a bit of money to come out of the salon feeling amazing and refreshed, not to mention that extra special treatment my hair gets!

8) Beauty therapist
And the same goes for beauty as it does for hair care. You have to find yourself a good beauty therapist that makes you feel comfortable and when you walk out the door, you're happy with the service that you paid for. Go to someone with a good reputation and that may mean you have to pay a bit more but let's face it ladies, you don't want to have ingrown hairs in your most intimate areas. It's not a nice feeling and it's embarrassing if you want to get a bit intimate with a special someone. There are so many horror stories that I have when it comes to beauty therapists but I think that I've now found some decent ones.

9) Perfume
A woman's scent can allure, entice and seduce a man. But we all know that those knock-off scents will end up "smelling like toilet water" as Andrea Burns so eloquently put it. A genuine bottle of perfume will cost you around $100-150AUD and are designed for the scent to last much longer than the cheap or knock off perfumes. A signature scent means you can buy one bottle that can last you a fair while depending on how often you use it.
 Credits to google image.
10) Lip related goods
When winter comes around, my lips get dry and chapped and just so gross. I've always had a bit of an issue with dry lips so I very much try to invest in good quality lip balms and lip sticks. The cheap ones always leave a bad taste in my mouth and they don't moisturise which leave your lips flaky and dry and isn't a good look at all.

Marinda Leigh's second piece of adivce for the day! Lightly exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush when you're brushing your teeth. Over time, this will leave them feeling smooth and take that layer of dry skin off the top.

Do you agree with Marinda Leigh's list or are there some things you would never skimp on that isn't on the list? Drop us a comment below!

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  1. Agree on everything except maybe sports bra! Never really been the sporty or workout-y type haaha! :)


    1. Hi Angel. Thanks for the comment =) I'm a big advocate for sports bras but I know a lot of people don't like to wear them haha. But at the same time, I like to do a lot of running. Each to their own, I like to say!

      Marinda Leigh.