Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sushia Izakaya & Bar - Up and Coming Places of Perth

In theme with my posts of Japan, I'll be writing a post about a new Japanese restaurant in Perth. On a Saturday night, my friends and I decided we wanted to go bar hopping in town. We jumped into a car and off we drove, into the night.

Looking cool in my new Jigsaw poncho

Brookfield Place is a newly developed commercial area in Perth. It was under construction for so long that I can't even tell you what it was before the construction started. I remember walking past it during my uni days and wondering when this eyesore will ever be completed. Well, it's now one of the trendiest places to be after a long day at work! Smack bang, right in the CBD, this is where us nine-to-fivers will be found. Brookfield Place has bars, cafes, restaurants and lots and lots of people. 

Love their battery operated "candles"

Shiro Watermelon Martini

Sake Kiss (my favourite)

One of these restaurants was stumbled upon by us on Saturday night, three days after it's official opening. It looked like a really cool bar so we wandered in but were told that due to their liquor license, we had to have food with our drinks. So, we reluctantly sat down and mulled over the menu for a generous while. What a good choice it was to stay!

Our order that night from their tapas menu:

Salt and Pepper Squid

Soft shell crab with watermelon

Agedashi Tofu

Pork Belly

My group was impressed with the tapas, especially the soft shell crab! That's a must try on the menu! It's different, it's interesting.  But what really shone were the cocktails! They were fantastic!

We decided to go back on Tuesday night for the real dinner as Yoel, our fantastic waiter, suggested. We asked him to place our orders for us as he would know the dishes and we wanted the best off the menu. I always say, good company, good food and good service make my restaurant experiences enjoyable.

Mixed Sashimi - very fresh!

Hotate Age (scallops which were cooked perfectly)

Kushiyaki Buta (pork) and Tori (chicken)

 Flaming Wagyu Isiyaki on a hot stone

 Spiced edamame

 Gindara Saikyo Yaki

Sushia has an open kitchen, dim lighting and trendy music with good food, fantastic service and incredible cocktails. It's the perfect location for a date because of the romantic ambiance. The food was good but there wasn't anything that set it miles above other Japanese restaurants. From what I heard, three of the chefs came across from Nobu, making it somewhat prestigious. I did find some dishes to be a tad bit too salty, especially the skewers but I still enjoyed it all.

The service was good but it was especially the service from our waiter, Yoel, that was above and beyond expectations. He was fun, he was informative and explained each dish to us and was always ready if we needed anything.

And what can I say about the cocktails? It's what compels me to go back to Sushia time and again. At the moment, they don't have a license that allows them to serve liquor without food but I cannot wait until they can! Then I'll definitely be incorporating Sushia into my Friday and Saturday night bar runs!

Chamomile Highclub

Sushia brought Leroy from Liquid Motion in to set up the bar, decor and train their bartenders. He really made sure we got the best treatment and he made us two amazing cocktails to start the night; Camomile High Club and a special Tokyo Drift with the smoke captured in a bottle (not usually done but an exception was made for us). 

Tokyo Drift

Drinking this amalgamate of flavours was like I was drinking an experience. It was great! After the massive meal, because we were so full, we decided to forgo dessert for another cocktail. Leroy came to us and said he heard we wanted a dessert cocktail so he would make up a special one just for us. He came back to us with the most amazing hot drink imaginable.  

Warm cocktail with caramelised pineapples

Ambiance   ★★★★☆
Service       ★★★★☆
Food           ★★★☆☆
Drinks         ★★★★★
Value          ★★★☆☆

Price $$$ ($25-35 per main)

Leroy's cocktails were what brought me back to Sushia for the full dinner after Saturday night and I hope when Leroy leaves, he leaves behind a group of bartenders that can continue his legacy.

I really recommend for you to check out this place soon as they're definitely an up and coming restaurant. They've been featured in the Sunday Times Magazine and we were told that the owner of Scoop was seated right next to us so it's a good idea to get in there before it's packed!

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  2. seems like a nice place,
    the food and cocktails look really delicious :3

    1. Yepp!! The cocktails are really really nice!!

      Marinda Leigh.

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    1. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance!

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  4. Looks like an awesome bar! The foods looks so delish! :)

    1. The bar is really popular now, especially on weekends!

      Lucky I discovered it before it got too packed!

      Marinda Leigh.

  5. Wow, looks so pretty! The soft shell crab must've been so yums!
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. It was really yummy! Especially the watermelon that was served with it! :)

      Marinda Leigh.