Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Organi Product Review + Giveaway

I love shopping. I love shopping so much that sometimes I think it's somewhat of a problem. But when I buy something that I truly love, I feel like the money is well worth spent. I came across Organi when I was shopping in Garden City, Booragoon. Organi's products are Australian made from 100% natural essential oils and uses the purest ingredients.

I ended up leaving the store with several products but the two that left an imprint on me were the Tropicana Salt Scrub and Cranberry Mask. I tested the salt scrub in the store and the sensation it left my hands with was absolutely divine! After washing my hands with this exotically scented scrub, I was left with silky smooth skin that I absolutely could not stop stroking! I was so excited that as soon as I got home, I ripped open the packaging and jumped in the shower, ready to scrub my skin to smoothdom! Results were even better than anticipated. I only used a teaspoon's worth of salt and I was smooth all over and smelt like fresh tropical fruits! One of the main highlights of this scrub for me is its divine fragrance! If Organi had other products with the same fragrance, I would buy them all up!

This salt scrub, which uses sea salt, almond oil and olive oil, is laden with minerals that nourish and hydrate your skin without being too harsh. The almond oil helps to moisturise the skin and the olive oil helps to retain the skin's moisture. It is such an amazing scrub that I cannot, to this day, stop raving about it to all my friends. If you're in need of a new body scrub, I definitely recommend having a look at Organi's Tropicana Salt Scrub and if you can, get into a store to smell that wonderful scrub!

According to the salesman at Organi, cranberries have an abundance of antioxidants and we all know that they are great for your health. In all honestly, I can't remember everything that he said but you can check it out here at Organi's website for all the great benefits of their mask for you. To sum it up, it's great for skin prone to acne because of its disinfecting properties.

To try out the effects of the mask, my best friend came over to my place for a sleepover and we slathered this thick grey mask all over our faces. We could smell the sweet scent of the mask which was very fruity and sweet but at times we would get wafts of an underlying chemical smell which wasn't all that enticing. As the mask dried, we could feel a light tingling sensation which was actually quite comforting because I imagined the mask was doing its thing. After about 15 minutes, we washed it off and both agreed that our faces felt soft and plump. We also independently came to the conclusion that our faces looked a lot brighter! The only down side of this mask was that it left our faces feeling a little bit dry later on in the night. But all in all, I feel like this mask really helped brighten the face and I'm looking forward to trying it again.

Because I like these Organi products so much, I want to include this Organi Butterfly Kiss Green Apple Lip Balm in a mini giveaway I'm having while I'm in Japan!

This lip balm is great because it's 100% petroleum free and is made of all natural products to keep your lips smooth and soft, not to mention its delicious green apple scent! So keep an eye out for my mini giveaway and follow my instagram for all those pictures of Japan!

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  1. 100% essential oils can not be used in any product. PLus this stuff has ethanol in it, so it aint organic, its shit!

  2. Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for voicing your opinion. When I wrote the post, I wasn't claiming to be an expert about essential oils; I just put some factual information about the product based on what the salesperson told me and what's on the Organi website.

    As for the ethanol, I had a look at my Organi products and didn't see any ethanol listed on the ingredients. Which products are you aware of that has ethanol? I'd love to know.

    But anyway, I'm still happy with my Organi products and I was just expressing my opinion on my blog. I appreciate your opinion and the fact that you think they're "shit". Thanks for taking the time to read the post and comment.

    Marinda Leigh.